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Blockchain Training

Our training helps de-mystify blockchain and understand how organizations can leverage its key features. The training cuts through the hype to show how blockchain technology could provide a transformative opportunity to eradicate antiquated systems and processes within organizations. We teach attendees about the opportunities that exist and how to use this technology in order to innovate and better prepare for the future.

We provide training on‐site at our Client’s offices in India and abroad, as well as virtual training globally.

Training takes place over a full day and is tailored to meet the needs of different target audiences with sessions directed at marketing professionals; finance, operations & treasury, legal, insurance, compliance & accounting, and technology professionals.

There is no need for prerequisite training or an understanding of digital currencies and the blockchain, for taking these courses.

Each attendee is entitled to printed training material and a Certificate of Completion.


Module 1: Introduction


Module 2: Blockchain


Module 3: Bitcoin


Module 4: Mining


Module 5: Ethereum Basics


Module 6: Smart Contracts & Solidity


Module 7: Hyperledger Basics


Module 8: Composer


Module 9: Multichain


Module 10: Blockchain IndustryApplications and Market Trends



Module 1: Introduction to Hyperledger


Module 2: Hyperledger Architecture


Module 3: Application Model, Frameworks & Network


Module 4: Chaincode


Module 5: Hyperledger Composer


Module 6: Managing Business Networks



Module 1: Blockchain Basics


Module 2: Ethereum Basics


Module 3: Solidity Basics


Module 4: Advanced Solidity


Module 5: DApps


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