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Quantum Computing Services

We sit at the nexus of the latest advancement in Quantum Computing and some of the industry’s most intractable issues. Sate Development provides solutions to high-value simulation, machine learning and optimization problems to enterprises and start-ups across various industry sectors.


Sate Development will work with your team to gain deep understanding of the problems faced by you within the computationally intensive ecosystem. We then leverage our experience and expertise to identify the problems that can be solved by use of different quantum computing architectures. We would also provide recommendations regarding the technologies stacks that can impact your businesses and industries in a positive way, thereby putting you on track towards the next steps into quantum computing implementation.


We provide assistance to ensure that our clients are quantum ready. We help them understand which of their problems are ideally suited for quantum solutions and thereby create a custom roadmap for quantum adoption. We also help acquire IP in the field of Quantum Computing.


We develop custom prototypes to fit your requirements, in tandem with the solutions that we have identified. We then reformulating to execute on both - classical and quantum system – thereby helping you gauge the disparity between the two ecosystems. We also simulate solutions on different quantum hardware systems to find the best infrastructure for your requirements. Based on the feedback provided by our clients, we further upgrade the software prior to production deployment.


Once the algorithms are validated and approved by the client, we developed production-level code which can be implemented on various hardware platforms. We also provide API endpoints which can integrate with your existing applications and ecosystem to deliver best results. Our services are hardware-agnostic, thereby enabling the APIs to access a large set of algorithms and hardware.


As interfacing techniques, client requirements and quantum hardware improve, we provided support to further enhance and customize the API endpoints continuously, to leverage this growing technology to the fullest.

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