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Iot Services

The speed and flexibility at which IoT can provide data is revolutionising several industry verticals. We provide solutions to assist clients with predictive maintenance, scalability and access to data, as well as analytics to help them leverage IoT and upgrade their business processes.

IoT Consultancy

We offer IoT consulting service through our experienced group of consultants which will help you take the next step towards upgrading your business processes

IoT Architecture Development

We work in tandem with our clients to understand and develop the exact architecture required to connect their devices seamlessly.

IoT Solution Development

Our developers work with a range of different standards, systems and protocols to deliver a highly customized solution to meet your business requirements. We deliver flexible strategies, blended with high-security to manage new and diverse IoT devices.

IoT Maintenance

Our solutions simplify the maintenance in runtime due to its component-driven software and robust infrastructure. Moreover, our technical team is available to assist you in case of any confusion or question regarding the solution.

Integration & Implementation

We leverage our expertise and wide partner network to provide end-to-end solutions that include sensor/equipment integration, M2M Communication, Business Intelligence Integration and more.

IoT Engineering

Once you choose the right technology, we will help you develop the specific IoT module for your business, helping you reach your goal and make the most of IoT technology.

IoT Testing

Our IoT experts offer advanced IoT testing services, ensuring that devices/system connected operate based on the available data available. We ensure security, performance and compatibility, making our solutions seamless and easy to use.

Backend & API Development

Our team of expert IoT programmers and coders provide complete backend and API development solutions to meet every requirement.

Application Development for IoT Devices

Our IoT app development team helps you develop specific app for different devices, helping you reach your business goal and make the most of your IoT development

IoT Gateway Development

We are one stop internet of things development company for all your IoT development related requirements therefore we develop IoT gateway for your app.

Connectivity with wearable devices

Our custom IoT development company has rich domain expertise in developing apps for all types of wearable devices and connect with it.

Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

Our internet of things application development company always strives to provide advanced IoT mobile app development solutions and Voice Enabled Technology Solutions.

Data Analytics

Our developed IoT mobile apps can perform advanced data analysis that suits best to your business requirements.

Sate Development