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Mining is primarily three things

It is a protocol (or set of rules) that defines how the network should operate – Refer a representation of the Block Architecture below

Block Architecture

Block Architecture


It is a software project that implements the protocol.

Proportional Reward System

Proportional Reward System


Reward Systems:

  • Proportional
  • PPS (Pay-Per- Share)
  • Slush’s Method
  • Geometric Method
  • PPLNS (Pay-Per- Last-N- Shares)


It is a network of computers and devices running software that uses the defined protocol to create and manage Bitcoins.


Mining Farm

Mining Farm


Creating detailed scope document and project Proposal

Assist is selecting and acquiring hardware

Set up Mining Farm

Set up Software to conduct Pool Mining

Provide projected returns based on factors like block reward, difficulty, power consumption, etc

Exchange setup

Database setup for wallet services

Hosted Mining setup

Maintenance of Mining Farms, Exchange and Hosted Mining Service

Hardware and Software upgrades

Bug Fixes and Security

Sate Development