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Education Industry

India has received a notorious label for having the highest number of cases of counterfeit diplomas/degrees, according to a recent background discrepancy survey conducted by a leading background screening firm
Counterfeit diplomas/degrees is a Billion dollar industry with millions of fakes produced every year

Sate Development has partnered with SolidX to create a blockchain based Anti-counterfeit solution to secure Academic Records, which not only prevent students and diploma mills from creating fake documents, but also ensures that the university staff, including the highest ranking officer of the institution cannot create fake records.


Detecting a fake academic diploma or degree requires an inquiry to the educational institution that issued it – a process which is expensive, time consuming and labor intensive

Moreover, academic certificate fraud not only comes by counterfeiting, but also through the complicity of institution’s authorities and staff. The frequency of these events is high and goes undetected during background checks

The fraud also consists of adding to the academic records, of an educational institution, people who actually did not graduate or certified successfully

Backdating academic records is another major menace in the education systems


Sate Development combines the traditional implementation of a digital signature scheme and timestamp along with decentralized blockchain to solve the potential problems with counterfeits and frauds in academic certificates.

decentralized blockchain

decentralized blockchain




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